Welcome to the Little Scientist Company

The Little Scientist Company offers a wide range of interactive, creative and educational Workshops and Children’s Parties. The aim is to engage learners in Science to encourage curiosity, creativity and a love of learning.

All workshops and parties are delivered by an experienced qualified teacher that understands the educational needs of young people.

Children’s Parties

The Little Scientist Company offers a wide range of fun, interactive and exciting parties, with a Science twist. The parties include a range of activities and fun games. If you have a child whole loves animals, space, racing cars, witches and wizards, the Little Scientist Company has a party for you!

Educational Workshops

The Little Scientist Company offers differentiated, kinaesthetic engaging workshops. All the workshops have been developed with a key focus on the current National Curriculum and will be delivered by an experienced, fully qualified teacher. The workshops are aimed to develop scientific reasoning, team work, creativity and independence. The program of study can be adapted to the schools requirements.


After School Activities

The Little Scientist Company offers after school clubs that focus on all aspects of Science. Each club is run on a six week program with a focus on working scientifically and covering key element of the national curriculum. The learners will develop their understanding of Science through a range of creative and interactive Science experiments.


School Holiday Workshops

School Holiday’s can be a busy time trying to keep your children entertained. The Little Scientist company offers fun interactive and age specific activities. Whether your child is 5 or 12 the activities are age specific to keep you children focused, excited and engaged. The Little Scientist Company aims to encourage young people to be enthused about Science.

Home school Education

The Little Scientist Company offers differentiated, kinaesthetic engaging workshops. All workshops can be adapted to your child or groups needs. All the learning will be done through exploration and investigation and delivered by a fully qualified teacher. The Little Scientist Company can cover all the learning requirements of your child from key stage one to key stage four.

Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial. The Little Scientist Company has an Animal Encounter experience available. During these sessions they will be able to spend time with the critter crew, talks about the animals, how to care for animals, understanding the animals personalities. Story time is also available; either using a favourite classic stories or stories starring the adventures of the critter crew.